Marin Traffic, 12X12 inches, oil on canvas
Brooke on the Lake (Tahoe), oil on canvas, 20 X 20 inches
Timbers Fans, Portland Rain, 16 X 20 inches, Oil on Canvas
October Sidewalk Rain, NYC, Oil on Canvas, 16 X 16 inches
Rain Boots, oil on canvas, 12 X 24 inches
Rain Reflections (Division Street@Potrero), Oil on Canvas, 36X18", 2016
Underpass in the Rain (Duboce @ Mission), 30 X 24 "
Embarcadero Crossing, 30X10 inches, oil on canvas, 2016
Umbrella Kid, 12X24 inches, oil on canvas
Yellow Raincoat, Oil on Canvas, 10 X 10 inches
Night Crossing, Oil on Canvas, 12 X 12", 2016
Red Raincoat, oil on canvas, 8X10 inches
la Pluie, oil on canvas, 8X10 inches
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